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pvp Henodus - The Weildable Turtle Shield that can take a punch/bullet



Ragnorok to me has always been a really big PVP map, so I thought why not try to introduce another turtle-like creature that would give Carbonemys a little friend and try and saitiate the hunger that PVP players have for their shields. Thus the HENODUS Arks first ever weildable creature. Henodus was a Placodont lived in and around the shallow, brackish lagoons of Europe during the late Triassic period, around 228 million to 200 million years ago. It was herbivorous though has also been thought of as a filter-feeder, and would allow survivors to take on each other and provide another option in between tek shields and riot shields. 



In the wild, survivors can find Henodus in the lagoons of Ragnarok; it likes to float around the bottom of these lagoons and look for any kind of plant matter it can scrape off and chew with its odd mouth. They are relatively docile creatures but will fight back before trying to make a hasty exit. Unfortunately, Megalodons, the Basilosaurs, and some carnivorous land creatures find these little Placodonts irresistible. The Henodus does try to fight back and, if in a group, can possibly take down a Megalodon, but will end up as an empty shell if left to a group of hungry Megalodons. They have been seen to travel out of their watery homes to try and lay eggs and bask in the warm sunlight, but then become prey to all the large carnivores that would like to get to their nutritious heno meat.


Certain survivors and tribes, especially those that live around the coasts of these lagoons that Henodus calls home, have had luck taming these little masochistic Placodonts. They say that if you go out and protect these little guys, they become fanatics of those that are helping them. They will swim around and follow the survivors like little water puppies until they finally find enough solace with the carnage the survivors inflict on those who wish to take a bite out of the tough Henodus shell and will then allow their saviors to pick them up.


Once tamed, survivors have said that the Henodus likes to ride about on the backs of the ones that saved it but, given the command, will switch to their savior's arm to act as the shield for the ones that shielded them. Tribes have noticed that the shells of the Henodus are pretty sturdy to damage and can withstand taking barrages of bullets by having them deflect off the odd shape of their carapace. Their Henodus does not seem all too bothered by the impacts though enough sustained damage will eventually cause the Henodus to succumb to the damage inflicted. Survivors have also been seen having sword duels while using their specific Henodus as their shield during the fight and will bash into one another, stunning each other from round to round. Though for those tribes that do not wish to inflict pain on their little water friends, instead allow their Henodus to protect and reflect any damage from other survivors on their backside, allowing them to have a better chance of being able to then turn about and destroy those that dare harm their Henodus. 


Tribes that tamed and bred some Henodus have noticed that specific mutations allow for hardier carapaces that allow their little living shields more damage resistance and better overall durability before they need a rest to certain weapons and damage types, along with one tribe that had found a mutation that turned their Henodus into bright red living shields that inflicted fear among those that opposed them. Certain tribes that have tamed wyverns have also found that mutated Henodus had become more protected from the elemental attacks of their wyverns and became very important when fending off those attacks from other wyverns.



Since no specific tame has ever operated like this, this will be a quick summary of what I just typed. Henodus is what I would call your very own customizable shield that your survivors can use to run turrets of others and fight hand to hand; it would be an in-between, most likely between tek shields and riots. Lower level/mutated Henodus could be all over the shield line, from wooden to possibly tek. They would work similarly to Sinomacrops; when you press the corresponding button, they would essentially flip from being a shoulder mount to your offhand and possibly have a bash attack that you could perform to stun particular smaller creatures and players. They would show up in first person just like standard shields but with their little head and eyes looking right at you as you use them to fend off bullets. When on your survivor's back, you would be shielded from bullets and damage that others might try and snipe you from the back. They are just shielding your back. You can also breed these little buggers to make them hardier to specific kinds of damage, like making them better at reducing melee damage but taking more damage from bullets and vice versa. While also able to do other general mutations for colors, health, and the like. So given enough mutations, you could have a Henodus shield that could soak hundreds or maybe a thousand bullets and protect any attack from the back or possibly even be able to withstand Rhyniognatha resin, Wyvern attacks, or Reaper attacks. On a final note, I want these guys to be little battle buddies and rewarding for  PVP players that put the time in caring for and customizing their Henodus, so while not being ridable, hopefully their range of shielding capabilities makes up for them.

Also I do not own the photos of Henodus, but they are pretty cool.


Please give your own feed back, and try suggesting more things that could be cool for the Henodus. :)



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