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Elaphrosaurus - Fastest Land Creature



Once again a creature that I came up with and wrote the information below multiple years ago and don't have the time or desire to change most of the information. However I think this one will work well for Ragnarok. The moves are obviously just a general concept and of course everything is subject to change by the all mighty wildcard but I still am proud of creating this creature's idea.



Diet: Fish/meat and carrion
Rider Weaponry: Yes

Elaphrosaurus is a very slim built agile predator. They have sharp pointy teeth and long necks that allow them to grab fish from rivers by using their neck as a fishing rod. They have long powerful tails that help them balance when running which can also be used to whip away attackers. They are not very strong and are quite frail but what they lack in strength they make up for in speed. Elaphrosaurus are incredibly fast, capable of catching up with and even outspeeding a Gallimimus which would usually be the fastest land creature on the arks but not when Elaphrosaurus is around.

These speedy creatures are actually quite easy to domesticate. It will require you to kill a fish and feed it to the Elaphro and then it will ask for fish in different ways such as feeding it raw fish meat or raw prime fish meat, dragging a fish to it to feed, or even capturing a fish in a fish basket and feeding it that way. Once tamed they are very good at transportation due to their incredible speed and agility. They can even swim quite fast and jump high out of the water. The Elaphrosaurus saddle has two seats so you can bring along a tribemate. I’ve also seen advanced survivors use a special tek saddle that further increases Elaphro’s speed even further with specialized booster jets fueled by element that make it run so fast that it can even run on water! This saddle also allows it to swim at higher speeds as well as better maneuverability underwater. And on top of all that, Elaphros grow stronger in groups called fleets, which is what their name means, “Fleet Lizard”. Overall they are a great addition to any tribe that requires speedy transportation.

Left click: Bite: 100 base damage, drains stamina

Right click: Tail whip: 135 base damage, high knockback, changes direction (left or right) depending on where you look

C - Claw swipe: 120 base damage, inflicts deinonychus bleed

X - Directional tail sweep: 135 base damage, high knockback, turns and does a tail sweep in the direction you’re looking (360 degrees)

Control: Activate tek saddle: allows boosted speed by sprinting (tek run speed) while the saddle is activated as well as improved underwater maneuverability

O - Roar: when in a group (called a fleet) will cause the whole fleet to roar afterwards, applies “Fleet Rally” buff to the entire fleet which increases damage and speed by 15% for 1 minute

Extra info

The tek saddle would be a 2 or 3 seater while the regular saddle would be a 1 or 2 seater.

This creature is mostly meant for travel but would have decent damage but low health.

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