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On 6/7/2023 at 4:35 AM, ashgcy said:

The mere fact you called it a rex clone tells me you didn't read the suggestion at all. I agree that "powerful for the sake of being powerful" creatures are boring, but this is not one of those cases.

Just becase an animal is a theropod, does not instantly make it a rex. The two theropods currently in the top 10 (gigantoraptor and this majunga) are both equally unique in their own right, and both offer something that would offer utility rather than just another left-click-chomper.

To summarise Majungasaurus for you, the proposed idea turns it into a highly invaluable scouting mount, with the ability to camouflage and read dino stats. The HLNA stat scan won't be available until gen 2, which isn't going to be released for at least another year, and having a dedicated creature that can do this until we get it would absolutely change the meta.

And before you say the very common "but WC never adds the ideas from a vote", they very much do. Every single creature has shared at least a handful of mechanics with its community made counterpart.

TL:DR, if you're going to be upset at something being an <insert creature> clone, don't just complain about it. You are allowed to make a countersuggestion in the comments if you'd prefer a different rendition of the animal to make it more unique. Also, read the suggestion

The dino is nice i agree with the mate 

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