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One machine to rule them all! Or just a projectile crafting unit.



Okay idea started with how obnoxious it is to stand around all day and craft ammo.  Idea included how obnoxious it is to figure out which machine / in-your-inventory you have to have.  This while I'm crafting Net Projectile on a 10x server where life is easy and still finding it all to tedious.  But what if we could get a machine that did it all?  Like if you reached an ultimate player level (whatever that is) and not related to boss fights (I don't fight instanced bosses and feel to much revolved around the boss fights leaving the common world exploration unloved beyond a few haircuts).  

What if we had an ultimate high level machine that did everything like smelt and craft and had an insane inventory but could only hold mats in relation to what it was able to craft?

Alternatively, an ammo only crafting machine.  Anything ammo like or projectile like could be crafted in this freeing up the player to move around while their arrows and net projectiles are being made.

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