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Bulbasaurus(a slightly larger dinosaur resembling Lystrosaurus)



Bulbasaurus (meaning "bulbous reptile") is an extinct genus of dicynodont that is known from the Lopingian epoch of the Late Permian period of what is now South Africa, containing the type and only species B. phylloxyron. It was formerly considered as belonging to Tropidostoma; however, due to numerous differences from Tropidostoma in terms of skull morphology and size, it has been reclassified the earliest known member of the family Geikiidae, and the only member of the group known from the Tropidostoma Assemblage Zone. Within the Geikiidae, it has been placed close to Aulacocephalodon, although a more basal position is not implausible.
Bulbasaurus was ostensibly not directly named after the Pokémon Bulbasaur, but rather after its nasal bosses, which are unusually bulbous among geikiids; however, the describers noted that the similarity in name "may not be entirely coincidental." Additionally, the specific name of the type species means "leaf razor", which is most directly a reference to its keratin-covered jaws. Other distinguishing characteristics of Bulbasaurus among the geikiids include the hook-like beak, very large tusks, and absence of bossing on the prefrontal bone.
Although the Tropidostoma Assemblage Zone, from where Bulbasaurus hails, is named after the oudenodontid Tropidostoma, Tropidostoma is only the third most common dicynodont in this assemblage zone. Most common is the small Diictodon, over 2000 specimens of which are known from the Tropidostoma AZ alone. Also more common than Tropidostoma is Pristerodon. Other dicynodonts present include Cistecephalus, Dicynodontoides, Emydops, Endothiodon, Oudenodon, Palemydops, and Rhachiocephalus.
Notable in the Tropidostoma AZ is the lack of geikiid and dicynodontoid dicynodonts (Dicynodontoides is a diictodont), which is unusual since they must have already diverged from their ancestral lineages by this time; Bulbasaurus happens to fill the former gap.
The Tropidostoma AZ also records the gradual diversification of therocephalians and gorgonopsians.
Therocephalians present include Hofmeyria, Ictidosuchoides (most common), Ictidosuchops, Ictidosuchus, and Lycideops; gorgonopsids present include Aelurognathus, Aelurosaurus, Aloposaurus, Cyonosaurus, Gorgonops (most common), Lycaenops, and Scymnognathus.
Within the Karoo Supergroup, cynodonts also first appear within the Tropidostoma AZ; they include Abdalodon (formerly assigned to Procynosuchus) and Charassognathus.
Rarer members of the Tropidostoma AZ assemblage include the burnetiamorphs Lobalopex and Lophorhinus; parareptiles Pareiasaurus and Saurorictus; the archosauromorph Younginia; and the temnospondyl Rhinesuchus.
Bulbasaurus was probably buried on floodplains surrounding a meandering river up to 350 metres (1,150 ft) wide and with point bars up to 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) in diameter.
This river flowed from the southern mountains northeast onto an alluvial fan some 500 kilometres (310 mi) wide. The water flow in the rivers was seasonally dependent, but there was probably flowing water year-round. About every 30,000 years, the river banks were breached by flooding, leaving overbank deposits and a series of small, isolated ponds.


In-game, it is slightly larger than the Lystrosaurus and smaller than the Moschops.
This creature is very friendly and flees when attacked, but runs very slowly and cannot attack.
However, this creature has a special ability that you can see with your own eyes after taming it.
They are mainly coma tamers, but they only eat Cactus Sap.
Therefore, you will need a large amount of Cactus Sap to tame them.
After taming
Due to its small size, it cannot be ridden, but instead has a special ability that can be used after taming.
That is, it produces various medicines, and the medicines that can be made are different depending on the food you give it.
Cactus Sap is required to make the potion.
For example, by putting Cactus Sap, Narcoberry, and Bio Toxin in your inventory and feeding them, it will produce a "strongest poison" that is stronger than Narcotic.
And the "strongest poison" is much more powerful than Narcotic, and if the player drinks it, it will die instantly. Applies an effect that does not lower the coma value for about 2 minutes.
However, once you drink it, it will cool down for about 1 minute.
It's like making a powerful medicine.
In addition, the "strongest experience medicine" that greatly increases the experience value, the "strongest defense medicine" that greatly increases defense power and makes it difficult to receive damage, and greatly increases heat resistance and cold resistance. will be granted, and you will be able to create things such as the "strongest temperature medicine" that can temporarily make you invincible.
However, it takes a long time to complete the medicine.

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