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The Barbary Lion, the gladiators of a bygone era



I believe the Barbary Lion would be a great addition to ARK, while we do have the Shadowmane and the Sabertooth. The Lion would be different as it would be around thyla size and be able to jump somewhere between saber and thyla. Males would have a Mane and females wouldn’t. 


They would spawn in prides including a male maybe a few females and a few cubs and they would have a pride boost.

They would be somewhat rare spawns as they are pretty much extinct.

They would spawn in desert and mountainous areas. They would probably be most prominent on scorched earth.

I think the cubs should spawn the same that wyverns and Tek Dino’s do a little higher lvl than difficulty and the others should spawn up to your difficulty level.


RT would be a normal bite 

LT would be a bite that does bleed only able to do so with a pride like an allo. 

The male would have a roar that would buff the pride and the female able to sniff out corpses like a dire wolf.

It would also ignore armor with the bleed bite.


If you find a pride there would be a male and at least one female and a cub. You would have to kill the male knockout the female take her milk like a wyvern and cubnap the cub. And when it grows to juvenile it will eat meat.

I’m not really sure if this is balanced or not so feel free to comment.



I’m also not very good at artwork so here is something from Reddit.


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The Barbary lion, or Atlas lion #ad, was the largest lion subspecies that existed. Famed for their much more prominent dark manes and large size, they were a preferred species for gladiatorial combat. They have been extinct for only 80 years give or take. When I heard of the scorched earth exclusivity the Barbary lion seemed like a cool idea seeing their mountainous African home. I also thought that with the gladiator connection some Greco-Roman armor would be sick, giving it almost a he-man battle cat vibe. Also when the panthera atrox idea was pitched they had the idea that the pride relation was so strong you’d have to steal a cub and raise it to tame it which was something I thought was really cool, like they’d take up your hands or shoulder pet and you’d have to run away. I know some people don’t like the idea of a knew cat but the shadow mane(that sexy beast) is fiction and the sabertooth doesn’t really give off the right vibe with its long tail and they can’t really compete with the thyla or other stuff. I DON’T PLAY PVP OR WITH OTHER PEOPLE SO IMPUT FROM PEOPLE THAT DO WOULD BE REALLY NICE, AS WELL AS IMPUT ON MORE ABILITIES WOULD BE COOL TOO. I just want a real cat that can compete with other things with that crazy cool mane and sexual dimorphism, and of course the size would have to get romanticized a little. Also if this somehow makes it please add a white color type so you can get a crazy white lion like the ones in real life!

Edit: I thought of an idea that when you steal the cub you have to kill creatures while carrying it to get imprinting boosts. Like your teaching it to hunt




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