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The New Upcoming Update Wiping servers and bs


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Hello, i am very decieved to learn all of those news i hope this is a short term thing., this is making tons of users angry and sad we as a community have been workin years for what we have and we are currently under the risk of losing everything. We will also have to repay what we bought making tons of players pissed. noone will purchase your games if you go this track, your game will go down like far cry and lots of people are willing to leave. Please think twice before doing this decision.

Sincerely, Skyzader1

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Initially, I was very upset. It took a few hours but I'm over it. I am excited to see ark in UE5, but worried my computer won't be able to handle it. 

Is there any upgrade to the optimization that would significantly increase server performance? Or is UE5 going to put more stress on the Nitrado servers?

If it is the Ark gods will, so be it.

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I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
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