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TSotF New contents idea suggestion!!!!!!!!!![Skins][Store]



*I am not good at English and use a translator, sorry. It would be helpful if you could point out any incorrect grammar or vocabulary you may have used.

Currently, there are no rewards in SotF, only the simplest and most fundamental element: "kill the enemy and win.
It seems unhealthy to continue to mindlessly use spinoffs and thylacos when there is a wonderfully free battlefield.
So I propose the implementation of two new systems.

1 : Points & Skin Shop

  By achieving milestones such as "defeating the enemy" and "winning" in a match, players can earn points that can be used in the store.
In this store, dinosaur and weapon skins, dyes that can be used to color weapons and saddles, and chibis can be purchased.

It will motivate players and give them a reason to use different organisms and create a variety of tactics.

2 : Battle Records

After the match, players can review the various events achieved in the match.
Specifically, total tokens earned, damage inflicted, paths traveled, most active pets, most creatures killed, etc.
It would also be great if from the home menu, players could see their kill rate, most preferred creatures/weapons, creatures that have killed the most of themselves, etc.
Players can set their own goals, and even if they don't win, they can still feel a sense of accomplishment and apply it to the next match.




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