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Corvus Moriorum - Gifts, Incubator, gatherer




 The Raven of the Arks, this is likely Corvus Moriorum. This species having lived in prehistoric new Zealand. It's much like modern Ravens and crows.

Corvus Moriorum is curious and bold on it's own. But dangerous in a flock. A individual will fly up and eat food right out of your hand!

But beware of the birds guarding eggs, they are mean as a flying flock of tasmanian devil when disturbed! 


 Their nests can be raided for vast amounts of resources much like a Castrorides. 
The more corvus at a nest, the more of that resource gathered. But beware they target the survivor not the mount! 

These creatures exclusively eat kibble, like a snail only eats veggie cakes.
First you feed the individual Corvus you find by walking up to it and feeding kibble from it's last item slot. Once it's taming increases it calls more nearby Corvus and they start frenzying and mob you stealing it like Itchyornis. 


This creature has 3 utilities depending on mode which is picked from a rotation wheel of behavior.

In scavenger mode Corvus Moriorum can be taught to gather great numbers of a single resource as long as it's in groups of 3 or more. It has a nest when in flock mode. This works like a dino trough, the beehive and dedi storage mixed, and can be a great afk farmer for solo players. 

 In nest mode: fertile eggs of the Corvus are also generated based on random parents in the flock. But as long as thier is room this nest can be used as a natural incubator for eggs, like the tek incubator. It does not show mutations stats or colours, but the tier of kibble used in the nest affects chance of mutation. 

 Solo mode: On a survivors shoulder, a single imprinted Corvus randomly flies off and returns with a gift adding it to the survivors inventory. The quality of loot depends on the imprint bonus.

Corvus greatly increase quality of life for those who wish to live primitive, and give kibble more value and utility.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatham_raven#:~:text=The Chatham raven (Corvus moriorum,South Islands of New Zealand


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