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Kicked by Battleye - Bad Service Version


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Anyone seeing 'bad service version' kicks from Battleye? I submitted a ticket for assistance, but it was auto-closed, as are any re-submissions.

Text of ticket:

"I am trying to diagnose Battleye kicks on an unofficial ark cluster. (https://ark.astral-imperium.com/) Error messaging reads: "Network failure message. You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Bad Service Version.' This suggests an outdated version of battleye, however several clean re-installs of the battleye service have not resolved the issue.

Diagnostic steps to date:
Clean Reinstall of Battleye
Reinstall & verify of ark client
White list battleye & ark client in antivirus (Windows Defender) and Windows Firewall.
Update of Windows and nVidia drivers (1080Ti)
Extensive troubleshooting with server admin, ruling out server-side character or map corruption.

This error only occurs when changing maps/servers within the cluster. I can log into my 'home' map and play without issue.
Only apps I run alongside Ark are discord, chrome, Ark Smart Breeding and MSI afterburner, (and have successfully for a year).

Any additional diagnostic steps would be appreciated.
Thank you."

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I don't have a solution, but recently started experiencing this sometimes when switching maps on a different cluster. If I close Ark entirely and re-open to the map I was transferring to, I can download my character there just fine. This seems to indicate that the files/versions are all fine, and it's something about the loading itself that is triggering it. I do notice it more when moving from big map to big map (Gen2 to Fjordur, for instance), so maybe Battleye is actually hitting some kind of internal timeout?

Closing the game, relaunching, and loading all of the mods again takes forever, so I am interested in any solutions anyone else presents.

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