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Best Server Hosting Provider

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I am interested in buying a sever. I searched through the internet for some but don’t know good there servers are so Im turning to the Ark community for help. If you own a sever what provider are you using? Im trying to find a server host thats fast, easy to set up, lots of customization, and doesn’t cost to much money. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. 

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This is very subjective to your own tastes and individual experiences with hosting providers as everyone's needs are very different.

Many hosts exist with different offerings, some more in tune than others and some people get more from one host than the other. If your simply looking for the cheapest then you might not get one that's easy to setup or fast enough on a hardware level. (you get what you pay for etc). Luckily its very easy to transfer saves to different providers so you can always test them out.

We've been collecting this information to try and bring the most up to date information on hosts.

Best hosts rated by TrustPilot: https://topserver.network/top-10-ark-server-hosts/

Hosts by cheapest: https://topserver.network/top-ark-server-hosts-by-price/

If your after a host with a custom UI, specifically for ARK then ArkServers.IO and Nitrado are the likely candidates as they have created their own custom game panels for hosting. Most other hosts use TCAdmin which is the most used UI in the industry.

Your best bet would be reaching out to hosts and asking them what hardware they use and you can expect then make a choice based on your budget.

There is of course free ark hosting but this we found simply to be more of a trial: https://topserver.network/free-ark-server-hosting/ (It wouldn't let us edit settings/add mods unless a paid rental was made).

All the best with your search!

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