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Building System


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 Hello everyone!

 I've been thinking about how the building system could work on ARK II and had some ideas based on what we know so far about how the game will work, so I translated it in two images to make easier to express my thoughts.

 The building could use a system similar to the item crafting, where you can choose different components to your building pieces and have a different look based on the specific material you are using on each component. Additionally, it could have more detailed structures and furniture, just for the looks of it, for the ones who want to spend some extra skill points on it.

 As it would be so laborious to select each component and material to use every time, it would be better to have a predefined version of the building pieces (just like in any building system) and the options to save a preset based on your selection of components and materials, like a "style" preset for your building pieces.  


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