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pvp [PS4 Server] 18+ Fjordur PVP, Ragnarök PVP, Fjordur PVE Lost Island PVE Cluster


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We are a chill community, with members belonging to the late 20’s/30+ age group, and as such we try and cater to people who love playing ARK and other survival games but still need to wake up for work in the morning. Both servers are set to get players into the heart of the action fast. Our PVP server is set to weekend raiding only, to help take out some of the stress that PVP server entail. We set up our PVP server with "easy come easy go" as our mantra, we customized he server in such a way that it is friendly for people trying pvp for the first time. Crafting cost is reduced across the board, we have customized loot drops to be more rewarding and boosted rates so that when you lose stuff it just stings instead of hurting like usual. 

More than just an ARK Server

ARK is just one of the games we love and servers that we host. Our hope has been to build a community of gamers that enjoy multiple games together. With this in mind we set out to realize this idea by making our discord a multi game discord. We host servers for other games like Conan exiles, as well as simply playing other multi-player games together like; Destiny 2, Dark, souls, Rust, FFXIV online as well as many more. By setting things up this way we hope to foster a place where you can meet so really awesome people and play the games you love with them. 

Server Settings at a Glance PVP Servers

  • 6x EXP 
  • 2x Global Harvest & 3-5x Harvest on specific resources   
  • 50% Reduction to crafting cost for every item. Plus, an additional crafting cost reduction on structures. 
  • Auto unlock on all dlc engrams that are not native to the current map & Tek engrams auto unlock on spawn 
  • Nonnative resources required by dlc engrams can be found in loot drops and beaver dams 
  • Bonus weight per lvl x7 
  • 100% imprint in 10 min for most dinos  
  • 10x tame speed
  • 2x Passive tame  
  • Boosted breeding and growth speeds
  • lvl 400 max lvl dinos
  • Custom Spawn map

For Fjordur Just Search Squatch no password

For Ragnarök Just Search Squatch no password

Server Settings at a Glance PVE Servers


  • 2x EXP 
  • 2x Harvest  
  • 50% Reduction to crafting cost for almost every item. 
  • Auto unlock on most dlc engrams that are not native to the current map 
  • Nonnative dlc engrams that require resources that are not native to them map have been altered to require a replacement material from the current map 
  • Bonus weight per lvl x7  
  • 100% imprint in 10 min for most dinos  
  • 7x tame speed  
  • Boosted breeding and growth speeds  
  • lvl 400 max lvl dinos
  • No Cryo Sickness 

Join Through Discord

A team of experienced and dedicated admins on Discord Our team of Admins can be contacted on discord, please feel free to ask for help, ask questions about the game, and offer suggestions and ideas. You can also chat with other players on the server and upon request you will be given a channel for your clan that is visible to your clan mates only 

Thems The Rules 

  1. Please be a decent human being, don't be a butt. 
  2. I both love and welcome humor. However, jokes are funny so long as both sides are laughing, don't take it too far. 
  3. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards; bullying, harassment, racism, sexism, bigotry, and any other form of speech that is meant intentionally demean another person. 
  4. When someone is accused of breaking our zero-tolerance policy we take those claims seriously, and will investigate the matter thoroughly. If it is revealed that someone is lying about said claims and made a false accusation, that person will be banned. 
  5. Depending on the offence users will be warned, if the user commits the same offence three times they will be banned 
  6. To all members of the community, if any of the other members say things that are inappropriate, make you feel uncomfortable or harass you in game, over discord, or through dm's please notify me immediately. To help me take swift action in such instances I ask that if it's in game please try and take a screen shot. If it's over discord through DM's please do not delete any part of the message and send it to me in a DM. 
  7. I didn't know is not a valid excuse.  

Contact and Discord

Please Join Through Our Discord: Squatch Gaming 

Twitch: Jobohobobo

Instagram: JobohoboboSG

Twitter: JobohoboboSG

Facebook: JobohoboboSG

Youtube: jobohobobo

PSN: jobohobo

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