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Spawning Dinosaurs at a specific location.


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I am currently running a Nitrado Ps4 server for my daughter and friends. I am wondering if there is a way to have to create a Custom spawn Location on the map. For example I would like to setup an arena for them to bring their Dinosaurs to that will have Smaller rooms connected to the large main fighting area with gates. And in those smaller rooms I want to setup a spawn point. So each room will have a Specific dinosaur at x level. I want them to be able to open the gate and then fight and level their dinos. Once its killed after a set time it would respawn another dino for them to fight. Im not sure if this is even possible. Also I am using Becon-Omni to edit scripts. I know it allows editing of current spawns but I cant seem to figure how to get create a spawner at an X,y,Z location. 



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