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pvp Rise of Empires RP [P+] [Ps4/5] [PvPvE{


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~ Rise of Empires RP ~

Ark RP PS4/5 Server 


About RoE…

Rise of Empires RP is a server on PlayStation built around a Medieval Realm of Lords, Kings, Knights, and Farmers. Your character can take on any medieval lifestyle and live their life alongside others; where you’ll be able to fight in wars, farm crops, raise animals, go to markets, visit taverns and many other things within the realm.

Our server focuses on a realistic and fun theme based experience. We have worked very hard to offer a server with an active economy, fun and realistic wars and battles, and an all around great experience. You will notice that only certain animals live within the realm. Custom spawns offer variations and different animals that suit the server best, prioritizing the players immersion and roleplaying experience. Custom crafting has also been put in place, to correct any issues, or to boost economy and value of certain objects like Armor or Weapons. Everything is done to better the players RP experience. 

Our Discord server (link at top) has this servers rules, events, and other information for our players. We’d love for you to join and check it out! Let us know how your experience goes and if there’s anything you think we can improve upon. Thank You! 

- Tali & Team



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