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pvp (Ps4){9 Map Cluster}[32 Slot] Boundless/CRAZYCRAFT/x100


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•Welcome to BOUNDLESS, Where we strive to create a community thats welcoming to everyone! Our server greets beginners, to veterans, and discrimination isnt tolerated! If your looking for a ARK server that has never ending excitement, and Intense PVP, sprinkled with some toxicity, then join us, and we will make it our priority to not try to disappoint!•

What do we offer?

••Long term Play, 2 month Wipes
••Active Owner and Staff team(Hiring!)
••Organized Channels and Roles!
••Fantastic Friday and Superior Sunday(Events!)
••Giveaways twice a week!
••Spectacular Economic System!
••No ORP
••No Pay to Win
••Fantastic Community and Staff Team Relationship!

Server Info

••9-map Cluster(Ragnarok, Valguero, Center, The Island, Genesis 1 and 2, Crystal Isles, Abberation, and Lost Island!!)
••Transferable Element
••Fast Flyers
••Bushberry Currency
••100x Harvest
••Modded Drops
••Dino Max Level-600
••Player Level-236
••Auto Engrams
••Stack Mod
••8 man tribes

We will be waiting for you survivor!


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