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pvp Ark Ps4 Cluster, could u help me?


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Hi fellow Ark players! I need some help.  https://discord.gg/Ek8napQ4df

2 months ago we started a cluster and put a lot of effort, money and time in the server. Unfortunately although we try to promote our server on Facebook, instagram and discord, we can't bring much players in.  You can find our server by typing Fight or flight

We are fight or flight, THE go to server for beginner and intermediate ark players that want to explore the great depths of ark pvp. We offer starterpacks, Offline raid protection, weekly events which gives you great prizes. I can tell you so much more, but I'd like you to see it yourself. Could u guys help me out and join us? I'll make it worth your time.

Yours sincerely,

Morris - Team Fight or Flight


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