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24/7 Looking for a decent dedicated server that doesn't wipe with high rates etc

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On May 29, 2016 at 8:24 PM, Stonermk13 said:

Hi guys just recently set this up so any requests etc just hit me up server is xbox 24/7 boosted stats max tame etc I will put a full list of stats up ASAP if you add the GT- SparerRapier545- and send him a message wewe will get you in stats are - Xp x90, taming x90 (insta tame)  gathering x20, hatching breeding mating egg lay etc x50,  player weight and fortitude at 200X that's 2000 weight per lvl lol and dinos melee damage increased slightly (more of a challenge) hope too see you soon guys :) we will spawn in starting packs etc one piece of ascendance gear of you're choice PER PERSON!!!  No (rpgs) sorry. WE ENCOURAGE RAIDING BUT NOT GRIEFFING SO IF YOU RAID DON'T WIPE COMPLETELY CAGE PPL ETC COME JOIN GUYS THE SERVER WILL BE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING :) again add SparerRapier545 guys send a quick message and we will get you in 


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