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Aberration and its unique creatures need some buffs...

Aberration and its unique creatures need some love...  

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Hey there!


For me, aberration is still the best dlc. I enjoy the map and playing on it, but i feel like its been falling way behind all the other dlc's (even behind SE).

My major concerns:

1) "Unique" Creatures

2) Breeding?!

3) Element


1) "Unique" Creatures:
It says unique, but sadly only the Rock Drake is basically Abb only now. All the other Creatures can be found on other maps now, which is totally fine with me. But comparing the "unique" Creatures with some of the other DLCs, they are pretty much useless...

The Rockdrake is only good to get around the map, but with Manas, their only use is in the Radiation Zone. Compared to the Mana, it lacks speed, dmg and health. And its not even breedable (though all other wyverns and all other tek saddle dinos except Astrocetus are for some reason...)

Reaper is alright on abb, but compared to other Maps' Creatures, it also lacks dmg and some decent abilitys. The slow is alright, but because of the extremely long animation and the slow flying speed, the attack isnt that useful even against flyers.
Regarding the fact, that its (again) not breedable, their dmg and therefore general usability is extremly low. There natural armor is decent, but with z seeds they are done...

Isnt even considered a alpha predator?! U run around on one of those and get attacked and pounced by raptors for some reason! Doesnt make any sense. Apart from that, they are only good for knocking out players, that are on foot and do some poison dmg.
Again not breedable so they fall behind again...

Extremly slow, now dmg and slow attack speed, gets stuck on everything and cant even jump when it gets attacked. Only useful for farming but stryders broke the farming game...
Again not breedable, so yeah, useless after all...


2) Breeding
Like i mentioned above, all the alpha abb creatures arent breedable, while pretty much all the alpha creatures of other maps are... e.g. Manas, Astrodelphis, Wyverns, ...
That by itself renders all of them almost entirely useless in pvp servers.
In Addition, u cant breed most of the pvp creatures of other maps on abb, e.g. Gigas, Rhinos, Wyverns, ...
Of course those shouldnt work on Abb, but why should u consider breeding on abb when u cant breed anything of importance?


3) Element
The amount of Ele u can get on abb is a joke compared to the later dlc's... And its super annoying cause u gotta get new batteries all the time.

What do you think about this?

Im hoping for some buffs majorly to the abb creatures, like making them breedable and give them some abilities to make em usable on other maps.
Doubling the amount of ele u get by crafting would also be nice!

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