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New Moratorium 5/10-5/14? Your F2P business model is a failure.

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So, the servers are at or near the tame/building cap, and so the solution is a moratorium?  You "hope" this will "free up space"?  In a "fair manner"? You just had a breeding event, you didn't anticipate that maybe that would result in capped servers?  Hello?  Is anyone driving this bus?

On my server, Poseidon, one of the new servers, it looks like a huge Chinese tribe got the ban stick, bringing the tame count down by more than 1K.  They moved in en masse, during the last moratorium, completely filling up the server by the end of the moratorium.  After their bases poofed, it took 2 days to again hit the tame cap.  Because it was now one of the few uncapped servers, a flood of players showed up taming crap low level dinos.  The only "hope" is that these new players get bored and their crap dinos poof.  I think you know how hopeful you can be that a moratorium is going to resolve your shortage of servers.  I know you developers gotta make money, but doesn't the solution to overcrowded servers involve opening more servers?  You just had a moratorium as part of closing servers, how did that work out?  

If you can't afford to serve your player base as a F2P business model, maybe you should ditch the F2P business model?  The solution to overcrowded servers is staring you right in the face, since you obviously haven't considered adding servers:  lose the F2P business model.  

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