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  1. So, the servers are at or near the tame/building cap, and so the solution is a moratorium? You "hope" this will "free up space"? In a "fair manner"? You just had a breeding event, you didn't anticipate that maybe that would result in capped servers? Hello? Is anyone driving this bus? On my server, Poseidon, one of the new servers, it looks like a huge Chinese tribe got the ban stick, bringing the tame count down by more than 1K. They moved in en masse, during the last moratorium, completely filling up the server by the end of the moratorium. After their bases poofed, it took 2 days
  2. Additionally, the player limit has been capped (50+10 Prime) since the servers launched, but now that it's tame capped, they're back down to 10-20 player counts. Something very weird is going on...
  3. Oh noes! That would make TOO much sense!
  4. What invincibleqc said. ETA: I was actually expecting "How do you know what language they are speaking? All I see is little boxes!" At least in Mobile you can see the characters!
  5. It's on the server list. Click on each one and it will show you tame count/structure count and a bunch of other statistics. You can filter it by server type, region and difficulty. Check it. Asian servers have lots of building, but most have less than 500 tames.
  6. So, you opened up "new" servers, which are now already tame capped and well on the way to being structure capped. Do you guys even look at your server metrics? Because while the new NA servers are chock-a-block full of asian speaking players, asia servers are pretty much empty of tames. Can anyone explain why asian players are apparently tame capping NA servers, when the asia servers sometimes have as low tame counts as in the low triple digits? There are decent player counts, but no tames. Significantly high structures count, but no tames. Like the tames were evacuated out...t
  7. Thanks, I did not know that about that for fall damage. When did they do that? Was it just for Gig raging from fall damage? Because I lost a wyvern to a fall, down the big drop on Extinction that I should have just jumped off of, but I stayed on alllll the way down. I wasn't paying attention to its stamina...
  8. As Square said, Ragnarok is pretty reliable server to find them at, and it seems like Rag spawns tend to trend to higher levels anyway. I saw a 150 on the mountain near green obelisk just before the Winter Wonderland event and was cursing that without any kind of event bonus, it was going to be a total pain to take it down. Dododex was saying something like 4 mins to deplete torpor, for at least a couple hours, and a few hundred tranqs to KO. So, I passed. First 150 I've seen, hoping it won't be the last. As for raging, I have some gigs that I was gifted eggs for that I've been nervo
  9. I'm getting a single metal ceiling destroyed 48406 1602 13750 -30.47 -31.39 Legacy-PVE-NA-Aberration900. TBF the ceiling does clip the ground a tiny bit. I'd post a screenie but none of the basic gfx apps have resampling and the file is too big...
  10. I'm giving a shoutout to PVE-OfficialServer33 as well. The thing is, the reason I HAVEN'T been on this server much recently is that,,,*wait for it*,,,I've been busy rebuilding my SE base from the last migration. Feature not a bug? If WC is going to offer multiple DLC server types, I'm not sure each server activity alone reflects overall player participation. My main base is the Island. There should be some accounting for my being on SE , Ragnarock and Abberation servers. You can't be everywhere at once, and WC is offering DLC's that by definition mean your time on any particular se
  11. Still looking for those 3D markers that were supposed to go live Wednesday. I've mostly moved to my new base, which looks to be clear of the red area, but I'd like to know ASAP. Can't wait for the redwoods biome, looks like it's going to be worth moving my base for.
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