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pve TET Ark PvE 8-Map Cluster, Discord, Stores, QOL/RP/Aesthetic Mods

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TET_Logo_Small.png.1ce354d896e8ea25363661adb9120d45.png  TET ONLINE ...

Be part of an effective team and join the TET Gaming Ark Cluster today.  The TET Cluster boasts 8 of 9 official maps (The Center is coming soon) in PvE, balanced rates and settings, and a heavy dose of plugins and mods for a new and different Ark experience.  The TET Cluster is new and relatively unexplored, so there's plenty of space to stake a claim as we seek to build an effective community and gear up for the arrival of Genesis, Part 2.


  • No server wipes
  • Automated Steam and Mod updates
  • Affiliated Discord Community with server status updates, suggestions and support ticketing systems
  • Full cross-server chat and two-way Discord to Ark chat
  • In-game currency accrual (via playtime and server voting) system and in-game store that includes:
    • Emote packages
    • Skin packages
    • Various starter and helper kits
  • Server Donation Store that includes:
    • Tiered VIP subscription packages (enhanced rates and stats, longer base decay, weekly VIP Loot Crate)  
    • Various Loot Crates (high quality gear, resources, and tames)
    • In-game currency packages


  • Experience = 3x (4x Weekends)
  • Taming = 3x (4x Weekends)
  • Harvesting = 3x (4x Weekends)
  • Mating Interval Multiplier = 0.05
  • Hatching Speed = 10x
  • Maturing = x6 (8x Weekends)
  • Player Level Cap = 150 (Full Ascension)
  • Wild Dino Max Level = 150 (Vanilla), 180 (Shiny!)
  • OverrideOfficialDifficulty = 5
  • Cave Building = Enabled
  • Cave Flyers = Enabled
  • SS Transmitter Dino Scan = Enabled

CLUSTER MODS: You can access the full TET Ark Cluster mod collection HERE.

    • HG Remap Stack V1.51
    • HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V312
    • Dino Storage v2
    • Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2)
    • Awesome SpyGlass!
    • Better Reusables
    • DinoTracker
    • PackagerPlus
    • Kraken's Better Dinos
    • Shiny! Dinos
    • Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source
    • MX-E Shop System
    • Remove Cryopods
    • Super Structures
    • Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered
    • RP Visual Storage
    • Pillars Plus
    • Platforms Plus LTS
    • Snappy Saddles & Rafts (Open Source)
    • eco's Mods: Trees, Stable Structures and Decor, Garden Decor, RP Decor, Shoppe Decor & Chibi Displays
    • MarniiMods: Hairstyles
    • UtiliSkins


mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  The Island - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Ragnarok - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Aberration - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Extinction - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Genesis (Pt. 1) - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Scorched Earth - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Valguero - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Crystal Isles - steam://connect/

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  The Center (Coming Soon!)

mappin.png.897ce68c15ad9f7942395706ceed8c95.png  Custom Rotating Map (Coming Soon!)


TET_Logo_Small.png.1ce354d896e8ea25363661adb9120d45.png  TET OFFLINE.

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