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  1. TET ONLINE ... Be part of an effective team and join the TET Gaming Ark Cluster today. The TET Cluster boasts 8 of 9 official maps (The Center is coming soon) in PvE, balanced rates and settings, and a heavy dose of plugins and mods for a new and different Ark experience. The TET Cluster is new and relatively unexplored, so there's plenty of space to stake a claim as we seek to build an effective community and gear up for the arrival of Genesis, Part 2. CLUSTER FEATURES: No server wipes Automated Steam and Mod updates Affiliated Discord Community with server statu
  2. Sounds like a great server... would love to join. Any chance I can bring over an existing character... no dinos or items. I have a max level avatar with all engrams unlocked from my own single player and private server days that I'd really like to use instead of grinding from the beginning again. Hoping since this is PvE, that might be okay. Please let me know.
  3. Even the Kaprosuchus in the YouTube image of the announcement looks to be experiencing sadness and disdain over the event not making its way to XB1. Seems to be pouting sadly back over his shoulder @ WC, saying "This sucks. [sniff]"
  4. Nope... made it while eating my lunch at work.
  5. 200 Days of Ark - Player Optimism...
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