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pvp Revamped Mobile PVX Server looking for Chill people to join

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We are a chill PVX server looking for new players. We have revamped our server and are looking to build a solid community of players. We are looking for players  who like to play, breed, tame, build, grind, and sometime kill each other. We find that PVX gives us the best of both worlds, we can build safe bases in the PVE zone and when we want to get our fight on we can in the PVP zone.

We want player who want to start their own tribes or playing solo is fine too. When our population grows a bit we will do regular events and even change the settings to brutal once a month so players can seek out the best BPs. We have set up crafting stations at each obelisk with a few mats to help everyone out before they enter the dungeons. We also have a crowbar stash at the volcano for those you like to grind for amber. 

Upon joining you will receive an automatic 100 levels and upon request you will be given a starter kit, starter tame and some mats. At this time because we are trying to repopulate any player that wants to start and build their own tribe will be given extra help from the admins. Weather it be mats or tames. Once our population is higher it will be easier for everyone fend more for themselves. But we are willing to help out a lot to get some good solid tribes established. Also any player that recruits and brings in players will receive special compensation for doing so.

Us admins try to play as much as we can, but if you need to contact us we have a discord where we can be reached when AFK.

Our server is called “Pantheons of Chill” 

PVX - Medium, 4x XP, 3x Harvest, Max Tribe 24, 5x Hatching, 5x Maturing, 3x Imprint, Tribe imprint, 0.25x Day, and 3x Night.

Discord: https://discord.gg/UDwfD9Yy 


Please join us for some fun, my name is Winged Victoria and our other main Admin is Steph.

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