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pvp [PS4/5] #ColesCrackShack/Cluster/10xH/25xXp/StackMods/ModDrops/FastFlyers/Admins


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*Just Search* **Coles** on *Unofficial PC Sessions*


🏆**Voted Best Unofficial Cluster!**🏆


If you’re a Mature Player and are looking for a Well Balanced, Long Term Ark Experience on Playstation, this is the Perfect Cluster for You! We have a **FULL CLUSTER** to Explore All Maps! (Including the New Lost Island!) We’ve been Here **3 Years and Counting,** Minimal Wipes, Admins keep *Maps Clean* and Running Smoothly!! 


We offer the following:

-Starter Tames and Kits for New Survivors. 

-Active Admins to Assist Players.

-Support and Tutorials for New Players, Beginner Friendly.

-Weekend Server Events. 

-Public Use Areas.

*This is a Limited Tek Server-No Structures!* (Because we don’t enjoy seeing “Lag” in our Logs). 

-All Tek Weapons, Armor, Gens, Troughs can still be Crafted. *Craftable Tek Engrams are Listed on Discord.*


**Server Stats are as Follows:**

-10x Harvest Rate. 

-Instatame and 50x Taming Rates.

-Boosted Egg Hatching and Breed Timers to Gain 100% Imprint (Balanced because who wants to be tethered to their Base?!)

- Max Wild Dino Level is 250.

-Genesis Wild Dino Level is 150.

-Max Survivor Level 105 before Ascension 

-Well Balanced Character and Dino Stats. 

-Clean Maps and Limited Full Wipes. *No Rubberbanding.*

-Fast Flyers.

-25x Survivor XP

-25x Dino XP.

-Weight Boost on Both Players and Tames.

-No Collision on Structure Placement as well INFINITE PICK UP TIMER on All Placed Structures.

-No Mega Builds. No Meks.

-Boosted Turret Damage. 75 Turrets within Render Range, Less Lag and More Bang for Your Buck.

-Unique Modded and Boosted Drops (No Tek Drops!).

-Stack Mods. 

-Unlimited Mind Wipes.

-Auto Engrams. 

-Boosted Fishing Loot.

-**5 Man Tribes** No Ally

-Quick Crafting Abilities. 

-Diplos, Brontos, Tusos and Mosas are Not Tameable. Diplos are removed from the Maps. 

-No Annoying Ichthyornis Stealing your Loot!! They’re Coded Out of the Servers.

-North American English Speaking Cluster.

-Not a “Pay-to-Win”

-**Mature Players, Ages 18+ are Welcomed!**


**Join Us for the Incoming Message for Our Discord Link! We Value Community and We Welcome New Ark Survivors and Ark Veterans alike! We Hope to See You Soon!**



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