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I transferred my boss dinos in to server 301 to attempt the Broodmother fight for the first time. I started off with the Gamma at the red obelisk, which I beat but my character didn't transfer out with my dinos. After 15+ minutes of conducting  uncivilized behavior, my character: Druss, met an unfortunate end. Not one to be deterred, I immediately respawned back and ran back the the red obelisk where my loving dinos were lulling there none-the-wiser. Under the pretense of being able to collect my loot off of my recently deceased body, I, (clothed in the same apparel that I entered this world) quickly assembled my brave hoard and activated the Beta boss. Entering the arena once more, I was sorely disappointed to realize that The Ark had once again received and involuntary sacrifice of my precious gear and winnings, as the was no body or bag left behind. Summoning my courage, I led the charge against the vicious monster and was again victorious. This time I received a blessing from the gods, and made it home with the 56 element from my win. I ran another quick Gamma to see if I may still have a chance at recovering my precious loot, but was once again disappointed. After this I took a moment to rejuvenate my weary beasts, and collect some more artifacts to summon the Alpha Broodmother for the final showdown. It would be glorious. Within a short amount of time, I had the items I needed, and had even equipped a spare set equipment to gird my loins. I presented the sacrifice and saw the timer start for the Alpha! 30 seconds to prepare myself, or say goodbye to loved ones. I chose the former and climbed atop my yuty to and shouted encouragement to the troops. Quickly dismounting and standing by my valiant steed, (very much inside the transfer zone,) I waited patiently  for the final precious seconds to expire. My screen turned white as the countdown finished, feeling as though blessings from above were be passed down on this righteous battle, the screen froze momentarily as if to symbolize ones life passing before ones eyes. Then, as time reenacted, my vision was filled with RED SCRIPT as I realized that battle had been noticed by the demons below, and not graced from above! And indeed, all my brave mounts had been received as tribute to the blood lust of The Ark. All my dinos save 1 (perhaps the Judas of my story, or an oracle. I know not which) had been savagely dematerialized in an instant. I stood alone on the obelisk platform trying to process what had just occurred. Of my battle troop of 15 rex, 2 deinonychus, and 1 x yutyrannus, only my "Judas" rex remained, standing what I assumed must have been just outside of the teleport ring of betrayal. Along with the loss of my brave mounts, the also had dematerialized 14 hand crafted ascendant rex saddles, ranging from 93-118 armor. And 1 handcrafted mastercraft yutyrannus saddle at 69 armor. 
So here I sit submitting my ticket, and hoping the Wildcard will hear my plea. Let these months of blood, sweat, and tears, not be for naught.

Sincerely: A devasted Druss

Ark 1.jpg

Ark 2.jpg

Ark 3.jpg

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