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aberation Allowing Replacement Resources in Place of Fungal Wood for Abberation Engrams


We are currently capable of using normal wood for Tree and Cliff Platforms as well as Wooden Elevators in place of Fungal Wood. I think we should be allowed to do the same for various Aberration engrams like Shag Rugs, Zipline Anchors, Fishing Baskets, and Portable Rope Ladders.

These engrams are particularly simple but stand to see more use in other maps. Ziplines and Portable Rope Ladders would be extremely fun and useful by themselves so not going to dig into detail on how they'd be used. Regardless they'd create new building opportunities on other maps, as well as possible new challenges for attacking bases in PVP.

Hardly anyone explores the water in Aberration, Fishing Baskets would definitely be very useful to players in other maps. They'd be useful on the Island for capturing piranhas to tame or harvest for food (it would be nice if the Fishing Basket gave you a slaughter option while holding a sword). Since they can trap Mantas they'd be really helpful to capture the packs of Mantas that follow Basilosaurus.

As for Shag Rugs, they soften the sound of footsteps, there's nothing super game breaking about that feature in my mind. It's mostly a decorative item people like to place around their base, so I don't see a problem allowing people to make them on other maps. If we wanted to make them more useful overall they could perhaps help with insulation? idk, anyway...

I also don't see how allowing these outside Crystal Isles and Aberration would take away from Aberration as people would likely still have to buy Aberration to have access to these Engrams in the first place.

Tell me what you think?

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