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I’m in the beginning of building a ark community for RP players. Metal ingots and Element are currency. There’s a bank in which you can get loans on metal ingots, cement paste or any other resource you need.

You can even purchase tek generators from the bank for 10,000 metal ingots. And for every 2,000 metal ingots you get 100 element for your generator.

if you want a Dino from a different map you can purchase one from the bank for  1,000 element for smaller out of map dinos. 4,000 element for medium sized out of map dinos. And 7,500 element for large out of map dinos.

I will need 2 bank workers and 2 security guards at the bank. You will be paid 2,000 metal ingots a day. The Bank will only be open every other day. 

there is a prison and courthouse as well. So I will need 2 guards for the prison and you will be paid 2,000 metal ingots a day. only while people are incarcerated you will work. 

crimes that will land you in court/prison

1.Random Killing. If you kill someone who tries to steal from you or destroy your property then it’s justified.

2. Random Raiding, this will get you imprisoned very quickly and harsh punishment will be conducted. Stolen goods will be returned and victim will be escorted to your base to take one item of their choosing. If you do not comply you will be imprisoned and we will force our way into your base for them. 

3. Petty crimes such as assault or excessive trash talk that is considered disrespectful. Or stealing items from shops or stores. 

4. 15 dinos max per person. You may buy up to 5 extra Dino slots to make it 20 for 5,000 metal ingots a piece. If you go over 15 without a note signed by an official proving you purchased extra slots from the bank even by just 1 you will have to execute your Dino in front of an official/guard and then be ordered to pay a fine of 500 metal ingots to the bank. 

5. court system. If you would like to challenge another tribe/person to war you must fill out a paper and drop it in the box outside of the courthouse it will be checked everyday. Then all tribe leaders will be summoned to the court to listen to both leaders who want to challenge each other to war. Once granted if both tribes agree to battle you have to wait until the next sun up to begin the war.

6. If your tribe has agreed to war. your base your life and your possessions as well as dinos are no longer protected by  the courts or laws of the server.


If you kill anyone not involved with the conflict, or raid a base or destroy property of someone who is not involved in the tribes at war the war will cease you will be summoned to the court and you will face punishment as a clan. Your whole tribe may be imprisoned and you will be forced to repay what you raided from the victim. 

7. to end a war that has been agreed upon one side needs to admit defeat in public chat for all to see. Once acknowledged by Admin (me) the war will end.

8. Open your own shops bars hotels whatever you can think of to make metal ingots (money) But you must pay a business tax to the bank every 10 in game days Of 1,000 metal ingots.

9. You can get a loan of an industrial forge from the bank at anytime the outright cost of the industrial forge is 1,500 metal ingots. But if you don’t have any metal ingots you can get one still with a loan. 

10. you have 4 in game days to pay the bank 3,000 metal ingots for the loan on the forge then it officially belongs to you and the government won’t come destroy it after 4 days and then throw you in jail for 2 in game days for not paying your loan. 

just overall enjoy the server it’s brand new the map is ragnarok i run the server on a 2nd console system. this is for PS4.

if you would like to join add me as a friend or send me a message. my gamertag is Savdameron 


if you really enjoy the server and want to help me out you can donate to my cashapp Just ask me for it. it’s not required but would be much appreciated. And if you do I’ll spawn whatever item, resource or Dino from anymap you want. 

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