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  1. I’ve created a ps4 pvp server. I am admin, I will not interfere with anyone’s progress or bases etc. I will however when I feel like it, at random pick someone or someone’s on the server to give 2 items or dinos. only 1 rule. Don’t try to attack me/raid me. or you will die and I’ll take what I want point blank. Or I might throw you in a cell till I decide to let you out. Enjoy the server have fun and maybe I’ll be picking you on there for some random gifts. the server is Welcome PVP on the island
  2. I’m in the beginning of building a ark community for RP players. Metal ingots and Element are currency. There’s a bank in which you can get loans on metal ingots, cement paste or any other resource you need. You can even purchase tek generators from the bank for 10,000 metal ingots. And for every 2,000 metal ingots you get 100 element for your generator. if you want a Dino from a different map you can purchase one from the bank for 1,000 element for smaller out of map dinos. 4,000 element for medium sized out of map dinos. And 7,500 element for large out of map dinos. I wil
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