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Betrayed & Robbed

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Betrayed & Robbed

Me and a few friends had to forcibly move from our Abb base and server due to a raid. We went to a genesis server thrived. There was an internal altercation that happened between the tribe leader and another tribe mate, and he was kicked. I was friends on both sides but also had no clue what happened but accused of taking sides. We had a switch in leadership and the new leader was insided. I've known him for years so i went into his things (with his permission) and took his stuff to hold on my storage just in case he wanted to come back to play the game. The one who I'm told kicked me was trying to steal some of my friends things but stopped when i spoke up about it. I was on vacation (which everyone knew) so i was on and off the game. I log onto my ps4 today to find out that all of my things were stolen and i was kicked from the tribe. I have no idea how to get my things back and was told to say it here. I can drop the server and names.

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