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pvp Vivid Ark - x5 Harvest, 20xp, x100 Taming

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Vivid Ark - x5 Harvest, 20xp, x100 Taming

Long-term server, almost 1 week into wipe and last season lasted about 8 months before we did a reset.  Still several good spots to build.

Server info:
- 5x harvest
- we have three maps currently, ragnarok, center and island. 
- infinite weight
- 100x taming
- baby mature speed is 53
- no tek engrams but u can craft cryopods
- custom drops
- stacking mods up to 1k on most resources
- increased turret damage from 1.0 to 1.5 during weekdays
- berry bush seed currency where u can obtain in game and through discord
- discord code is gWaKuTb

So if you would like to join, just search for vivid ark.  Thanks.

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