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They need to do more stuff


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They need to do more stuff

Ok so like why don't pc players get way more stuff don't get me wrong understand that have the poop they get was made by modders and makers and stuff but why does xbox and ps4 don't get hardly nothing like i love the game and poop but for raptor sake dude u guys take 4 years to come out with 3 dlcs and on the 5 year u come out with one like DILO then we got no fun need more dinos and more stuff to build like s+ u know they would prob get more people buying there game then more free maps and poop would be lit asf but nah they cant even fixes half the stuff in the game i might just be hoping for them to fix there game to much ik it will never happen so might as well give up and some mods would be nice not even alot like 2 or 3 would be better then just doing the same thong over and over again

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