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Hi the one who read this,


I come from PvP Offi, i'm 22.

I started Ark while it was in BETA test. I participated to the tournament: Ark Survival of the fittest 1st edition, i finished 76th in the final round. 

I've like 2200+ hours, i came back on the game a few days ago but i'm done of playing alone. I'm ready for the 4th June and i'm looking for a tribe to join. My skills: Base defense build, breed, PvP without dino (like with bow, sniper, shotgun etc...). I learn fast.

I'm kinda serious not too much but when it's time to PvP i'm here, i play like 10h a day, sometimes less, sometimes more it depends. My new char is only lvl 72 but i will exp fast.

If you are interested for a discord conversation with me add me: VIROOP#6165.

PS: Sorry for the mistakes in my english, i'm not english ^^ 


I have some stuff on Extinction 470 that i can transfer if needed. (What i farmed in 2/3 days alone).

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