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introduction Hi, here to introduce myself.

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Hi, here to introduce myself.

Hey! :)

My name's Joe, I am Ark player (ofc). But yeah, I have played from 2015/16, a lot on the PlayStation 4. I have over 300+ hours on the PC version.

Anyway, I know that's not a lot compared to a lot of 'experienced' members/contributors. But yeah, I'd love to join! I can do 10 hours a day (I know, I have no life).

More about me? Well, I am a lead designer of a video game that we were previously making, but failed - lead director of the studio, and so on. I'm very much into fine art, and art in general. I like to read, write, and so on.))))) And . . . yes . . . I loooooove video games. :]

And that's a bit about me, thanks! )))

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