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The tek claws have a lower DPS than the tek sword in all departments:

  • DPS against armoured targets (the claws are supposed to shred armour but they don't)
  • DPS against armourless targets
  • DPS against structures
  • The tek claws can't jump like the tek sword can

So I ask: why are the tek claws even in the game? The new boss is one of the hardest so far, and the process of getting to it is probably the most painful and boring process as of late. Why are players rewarded with such an awful melee weapon? An ascendant metal sword will out DPS tek claws by a lot against tames and wooden structures. In fact, it may be possible to break down a stone door with a normal sword faster than a pair of tek claws. Sure... The tek claws can block. The damage reduction is pathetic, and the durability taken is astronomical. It'd be better to just use a tek sword with a riot shield. I understand they were too strong on release, but they were criminally overnerfed. They are sub par in just about everything. The wiki says that tek claws are meant to shred armour, but they don't really shred armour. The only true use of the tek claws is to apply the "shredded" debuff, which I assume reduces armour. It must be a pretty pathetic amount of armour shred, because I tested the DPS in the video below where you can clearly see the DPS of the sword is still higher through armour.

How can the tek claws be fixed?
Give them a role. Even when the damage ramps up they are still worse than other options. It's already risky to play a melee playstyle, so the damage should be high. A melee weapon is intended to do high damage for the risk of being close to a tame. I have some cool suggestions to make these claws relevant in the meta with melee players, because we are really disappointed in what we see from this new weapon.

  1. Add a jump; not just any jump, more of a pounce. Someone using the claws could leap a long distance onto a targetted player and pin them to the floor much like the raptor. The duration could be from 5 - 15 seconds, there could be a way to struggle out or to escape, who knows. But it would be a really cool thing to add to make this weapon fill a supportive role rather than having zero purpose and use currently
  2. Increase the armour shred. If you manage to stack your hits to get the maximum speed, you should be rewarded more. It's so risky to run up to something and fully stack this weapon, and it isn't even worth it. If I hit a player or I hit an armoured dino, their armour should be cut by 75% at LEAST. 75% on each piece of armour if it is a player, and by 75% on the entire saddle and armoured region of a tame. If you hit a trike with a saddle and hit it in the head, the skull armour will be reduced by 75% and the saddle armour will be reduced by 75%. Alternatively, make the armour shred scale off melee damage and the quality of the claws
  3. Simply increase the damage of these things. It's just pathetic. They do hardly anything. You can't break structures fast enough to warrant using it over a tek sword. You can't kill tames faster with the claws, and you can't kill players faster with it. So please buff the damage. It should NOT be this weak. I'm talking double, triple, maybe even quadruple the damage. It's REALLY that bad. To keep tek swords relevant, make it so either the tek claws do more damage to tames OR structures, and the tek sword is better at the other. Currently, the tek claws are good at... nothing

Against armoured tame:
Against structures:

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