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New server, hosting with nitrado.

Hello! I am starting a new cluster server through Nitrado. I need some help. I've heard many different things, first I heard that I need to host from my PC, and play on xbox on an alt account. Then I heard I can host direct from Nitrado & play on xbox. Can anybody explain how this words? I haven't purchased the server yet, so I cannot get into Nitrado without purchasing. 

Also, I was curious if anybody could give me a run down of their wild dino, tamed dino and human stats? I really am pushing for a "balanced" server. My max level wild dino level will be 300, and my max level for humans will be 132. I feel comfortable with coding as I plan on using mostly Omni. 

Just could use some help with the stuff listed above and if you have any other tips, tricks or advice, I would appreciate it!

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If you are going to be using nitrado then they will handle running the server. No need to run anything on your computer unless you just want to play Ark on there.


If you want to play on xbox you will need to download the nitrado app from the Microsoft store and rent the server through the app. Make sure you select the ark xbox server when you are setting things up.

My stats for dinos & humans did not change much from default. I increased weight capacity gain for both but that is it.

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