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pvp [AU/NZ] ARKOmens Cluster 10xG/10xEXP/20xT/20xM

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ARKOmens Cluster 10xG/10xEXP/20xT/20xM

Hello all and welcome to the official ARKOmens server thread


Our servers have a beautiful balance of grind and fun pvp action to leave you never bored. We are a relatively new server but looking to increase our community immensely.

We currently have clustered, Ragnarok, Valguero and Aberration with plans to introduce Genesis when i arrives.


Reward system for playing.

Earn points while playing to purchase nearly any dino in the game

Discord link : https://discord.gg/tz2rrJ

Join links ---------------------------------------

Ragnarok : steam://connect/

Valguero : steam://connect/

Aberration : steam://connect/



10x Gathering

10x Experience

20x Taming

20x Maturation



Mod list :

Haze stacks, Classic flyers, S+,  Bitou2k's binoculars, Utilities plus, WBUI, Dino storage v2, ORPE Evolved, Auto Engrams and Reward vault


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