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pve [PC]ReaperCrew Multigaming Community Cluster

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ReaperCrew Multigaming Community Cluster

We are a beginner friendly community with eternal ark and primal fear mods. All maps have the same rates, 5x Harvest, 3x XP, 15x Taming, 25x Breeding. Max player level is 306 (without chibi or tekcave, rockwell, max level with ascension 356), and max non tek dino lvl is 600. We run community events fairly often, and have an active admin team to assist with players as needed.



Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7780 - Ragnarok
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7778 - Valhalla
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7782 - TheCenter
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7784 - Valguero
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7786 - Aberration
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7788 - Shigoislands
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7790 - Ark Ultimate Arena PvP
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7792 - Exticintion
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7794 - Scorched Earth
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7831 - Genesis
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7801- TheIsland
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7803- PVP Island
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7805- Project Server (every 2 Month other mods )
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7807 - Talamh
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7809- Crystal Isles
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7823 - PokeArk (closed Alpha)
Server IP: steam://connect/ark.reapercrew-multigaming.de:7826 - Crossplay Ragnarok (Steam + Epic)


Or go to the server browser change the filter to unoffical then type in servername [REAPER]Eternal


Ark Eternal (Live Version)
Primal Fear
Super Structures 
Super Spyglass (Open Source)
Awesome Teleporters!
HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V296
ecos RP Decor
Najs Speedy Flyers, the flight speed mod that does not (need to) blacklist!
Advanced Architecture Mod
Ark Shop UI
Automated Ark 3
Arkventure Park
Paintable Furniture
Easy Chibi
Eco Garden
Eco Trees


Taming x15
Breeding x25
Mating x0,5
Max Dino Level 600
Daily Restart with Dino Wipe at 6 am
Harvesting x5
No Structure Collision
Unlimited respecs
Autounlock for engrams
Tamed Dino Level +150
Max Player Level 356

Companion App: https://portal.reapercrew-multigaming.de
Discord: https://discord.gg/vWXXHN4
Homepage: https://reapercrew-multigaming.de

Mod-Collection(Eternal Fear): https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1958560123
Mod-Collection(Ultimate Arena?https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1982032354
Mod-Collection(Genesis): https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1993074094
Mod-Collcetion (PVP?https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2005421775
Mod-Collection (Project): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2056713870
Mod-Collection (PokeArk): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014374987

We have also:

- Voterewards
- Questsystem with rewards
- Suicide Command
- Ingame Shop with ui

Game On,


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