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pvp N00dle Bowl Ex2 Tx5 Hx3

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N00dle Bowl Ex2 Tx5 Hx3

Welcome to The N00dle Bowl! We are a new server on the block, try us out and let us know of any possible improvements that we could implement.

A cluster of 4 maps
The Center

Our Primal Fear server

Ragnarok - Primal Fear

Server Settings
Tribe size [6]
Alliance per tribe [1]
Tribes per alliance [2]
Experience x[2]
Taming x[5]
Harvesting x[3]
Breeding x[5]
Wild dino level cap [150]
Player cap vanilla

Server mods
Structures Plus
Editable Server UI
HG Cake Fix
HG Stacking Mod 2500
Utilities Plus
Offline Guard System

We also have new player protection plugin, which will protect new players/tribes for 7 days from their setup.
This can be disabled if needed, player's structures are indestructible for the protection period.

Our cluster has XP rates and Gathering rates doubled over the weekend! Friday to Monday XP is x[4] and Gathering is x[6]!

We also offer our players a dino tracker in the servers, for the forgetful and the ones getting cheated by the game itself.


 The N00dle Bowl Discord


Noodle bowl.jpg

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