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Xp from unmounted tame kill?

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Xp from unmounted tame kill?

I’m not clear on this, if I tame something and send it to kill, do I get any xp at all? I’m playing a solo survivor/brutal game and as such most of what I kill gives less than 1%. So I’m not sure how to test xp gain for this reasonably. I’m level 7 and managed to loot a couple tranq arrows from some sarcos that I stole the kills on. I was thinking about taming a pteranodon or two because I’m sure I can do it with just a single tranq arrow to the head (low level ones). Obviously I won’t have a saddle for it anytime this... year, so I wondered if I could just have it kill stuff and soak the exp, or if I have to be mounted to see any xp gain from its kills.


Killing stuff is prohibitively hard, and though I will get there I would love to be able to tame something (anything) that would help me kill at a more reasonable rate.

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