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pvp [Xbox][Fresh] ARKWars 50x InstaTame/Custom drops PvP Cluster

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ARKWars 50x Instatame/CustomDrops PvP Servers

Our server cluster is currently looking for players looking to mess around and have some fun with the PvP. We currently have an Island and a Valguero server up and running. The servers are 50x and have some adjusted stats, such as Infinite player Weight. The supply drops are all boosted, which you can get things like metal structures, kibble, or high quality weapons and armor, most of which would be journeyman and above. We also have weekend events, which kicks the server up to 75x, and there will be admin events in the future for players to win some pretty good loot. There is currently a 75x event which will last until the 30th, but those events will still be active on the weekends. Taming is of course instant, and things such as breeding timers are also greatly reduced. Many spawns have been changed as well so players will have more access to Dino's not on those maps, like gasbags, snow owls or Velonasaurs. We are really looking for some dedicated players that are willing to get on and have a bit of PVP fun, and as long as that is a thing, the servers will continue to run. We do have a few other settings and a few rules, which can mostly be viewed in the discord, which will be linked below:


Please share with your friends and create a tribe to build up and have a bit of fun. Hopefully the server will be able to grow a bit and we can build a good community that has a bit of fun PVP. Any Questions feel free to send me a message on Xbox (xEliteAssassin4) or join the server and ask whatever questions you have as I am on for long periods at a time. Hope to see you on the server!

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