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pvp BeardingEvolved PvP & PvE maps 500G/500T/100xp (custom drops)

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BeardingEvolved 500G/500T/100xp (custom drops) Now w/ Fear Evolved 3

Fresh wipe on 10/16/19 Come join our PvP two map cluster (Crystal Isles and Extinction).  Also, a standalone PvE Map with 30xG/50T/50XP rates.

30x Mating/Breeding on PvP maps

Island: http://server-rfjnozqu.arkers.io/

Valguero: http://server-beardingevolved.arkers.io/

PvE-Valguero: http://beardingisles.arkers.io/

Custom PvP based supply loots on Valguero and island.


Awesome Tele-porters, S+, ARKomatic, Classic Flyers, 100k stacks, CT reusable items, Bore Water Kit, Kibble Table, death helper, and auto-harvesting anky.

On PvE map: Eco’s Decor and RP mods/ Castles, Forts and Keeps/ Awesome Teleporters/ CT reusable items/ S+/ Classic Flyers/ Premium Care Kibble/ Awesome spyglass.

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