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  1. You won’t get many players with a expired discord link.
  2. English Server, Looking for player(s) who enjoy friendly PVP. We offer PVE to non combat types, We do events with Prizes and offer NON-Extinction Dino’s with rare saddles to new players joining the server. Discord is preferred but not required. If your new to the game it’s a great place to learn from many who have 2k+ hours on official PVP servers. We currently are looking to relax from the constant Grind and Toxic environment of official. Adult language is common. Offline protection is also a server feature. Active Admin. Issues resolved quickly. No fear of being raided early. Send me a personal message or post here for more information Extinction S+ mod, x3 Experience and Harvesting. x10 Taming Breeding & Maturing All Engrams Including TEK unlocked Occasionally x6 harvesting and Admin created events with prizes. Hope to see you there! ?
  3. Also have this issue. Can confirm a new forge will work for awhile.
  4. I understand delays happen. When I first bought the season pass. It was promised aberration in September of 2017 and the Final DLC in the spring of 2018 both were lies. Now we are at the end of the year of 2018. A hyped up skin event and you throw another delay in? ???? at least your consistent.
  5. Throw my name into the hat. Running a GTX 1060 MSI Laptop, just purchased it and updated all drivers and windows. Also getting this crash... please look into this. Found this while searching for a solution. Thanks in advance!
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