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pvp Kings pride

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Kings pride

Val xbox server

Insta tame
Stack mod
10x gather
6 man tribes
Infinite weight
Fun and super friendly admin
Weekly events
2 Pve zones
Fast breeding and raising

No building bases in artifact caves
No killing passive tames
No building on the obs

Events~~~ for dinos and bps
Admin assault~ a server wide events where every tribes takes on the admin base for op blueprints and insane amounts of resources

Pokemon pvp~ Pokemon style arena you have 3 cryopods with 3 of your own dinos last person with a dino alive wins

Gladiators pvp~ 1v1 or tribe v tribe built in a box filled with deadly admin tames win by killing or you knocking you opponent into the death pit

Pirate plunder~ build your pirate ship and battle it out with the server

Speedy sheep's~ this is a race go tame a sheep or use one provided be warned something will be chasing you

Death mazes~ in total of 3 each one diffent and deadlier than the last one

Boss battle~pvp-pve you thought fighting a player was hard now with added bosses for extra difficulty one 1 tame allowed in

My server is for the players anything can change for now it's only on 20 players if the server gets enough support I'll make it 50 also if you donate via the boost code you'll get any 150 tame from any map and 5 bps of your choosing for the first time donating and 5 deep sea loot crates everytime after pls join and help me create a fun server pls join discord 5NBCEwm for more info and yes the admin does spawn stuff in but that's for the events the admin does not raid he is there to help

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