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  1. Kings pride pvp/Pve server Xbox 1 Kings pride, Val xbox server Insta tame Stack mod 10x gather 6 man tribes Infinite weight Fun and super friendly admin Weekly events Pve zone Rules~~ No building bases in artifact caves No killing passive tames No building on the obs Events~~~ for dinos and bps Admin assault~ a server wide events where every tribes takes on the admin base for op blueprints and insane amounts of resources Pokemon pvp~ Pokemon style arena you have 3 cryopods with 3 of your own dinos last person with a dino alive wins Gladiators pvp~ 1v1 or tribe v
  2. I only have one issue with ark and that is all the nerfs it makes great Dino's weak like the giga I remember how scared everyone was when it came out but now all you need to kill one is a high level Rex now you are going to do the same on scorched with the wyvern and rock golem these creatures are ment to be op not a weak creatures please instead of a nerf just increase topor/topur and resources to make the saddle please don't make the wyvern or rock golem as weak as the giga
  3. Is there any 24/7 Xbox dedicated servers which have higher gather rates and taming speed because everyone that I join I have to add the person who is hosting as a friend

    1. dcfiremonkeycd


      Yes add the 



    2. XxSunnidxX


      I have a server that has 3xp 5 taming and 6 harvesting its for player who actually want to play ark without having Adkins use commands and for people who like to play and know that randoms can't join and get a giga in 10 min if gameplay if interested message XxSunni DxX on Xbox or Sunni D XArkX 

  4. Guys who are saying about Xbox getting the bionic rex skin is bad and maybe the bionic giga well you pc players have way more stuff than us let us have this one thing for us we don't have any other skins we can't paint our dinosaurs and we don't get the dev kit or modded maps
  5. It would be useful having more sever options such as how many structures you can put on a boat or characters distance from host, breeding speed and a in game wether machine witch would either change the wether or predict it
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