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pve 🔥The Hive🔥80+Servers-Est.2017-6xTaming/XP/Harvest/50xBreed✨ASE✨


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?*Official Nitrado Partner*? 


It's our 2 year Arkiversary!

To celebrate we are doing the following in October:

Starter packs for new players:

- Level 300 Griffin (450) Ascendant Flak armour set + Tools

- Special events, double rates, prizes, giveaways, community events inside and outside of ark and so much more coming over the month!

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On 10/6/2019 at 8:47 PM, Spiral3 said:

Admins don't know the rates on their own servers.  All player stats are x2.  Admin tried to tell me it was just weight.

The owner of The Hive told you that, not the Ark team, they are completely separate, this isn't just some random server host. He also said he wasnt sure for certain.  

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  • thehivehq changed the title to 🔥The Hive🔥80+Servers-Est.2017-6xTaming/XP/Harvest/50xBreed✨ASE✨

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