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  1. As a console gamer myself I have to ask, what the raptor are you talking about? Like I spent $200 building and customizing my ideal Xbox controller but even I wouldn't dare try to claim that it's better than a keyboard and mouse.
  2. I personally think that Wyverns are too big for an all purpose mount. After you get where you're going you have to find a spot to land. Ain't nobody got time for that XP. They're great but they'll never replace my Argent or my Owl as the creature I run towards when I have to do something real quick.
  3. This thread has been necroed twice. Why are people like this?
  4. I think that what you're going to have to do is use the obelisks to upload your stuff between servers. For this you'll want to just use the one character, but you'll have to mule the stuff from the obs to your base yourself. You might want to consider building outposts at the obs since it's your SP world and you're utilizing them.
  5. I can only assume that the Mana came about when one of the lead dev's children tugged on their parent's pants and said "Can you make this cat-dragon I drew? It has jets it zips around on like 'CHEW!' and then it shoots a beam of cold out of it's mouth and the bag guys are all like 'Ahhh, I'm frozen!'"
  6. Why do phone makers send up outdates that screw up their old phones right before they release a new one?
  7. $10 for 30 days sounds like a pretty good deal. And this way you only pay for as many months as you're gonna use it.
  8. I did, and while it says you're in Ark, there's no session to join
  9. Use the admin rifle to teleport into the mesh and look for him there?
  10. It sucks that that happened to you and I feel for you, especially on Xmas. You might want to consider leaving everything on Neutral next time. I find that it's worth occasionally having to corral them back into place.
  11. Absolutely do not do this on a PVE server. Your neighbors will not appreciate the eye-sore. Use a single gate (either size) and then either use fence supports to fill out the rest of the wall or if you want to make it look really good use foundations to create a hollow wall with interior stairs.
  12. I like to go for a sort of neo-industrial design where the ground floor is two walls high and divided into rooms for sleeping, storage, cooking, crafting, etc. and then the second floor is four to six walls high and used for breeding and hatching. You can use an elevator attached to a large trapdoor to carry dinos to the roof and show off to your neighbors.
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