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  1. So much for low lvl players using Procops as a main exploration tame. God forbid they actually have something they can get around on early in the game *sigh*
  2. Spiral3

    Gimp mask

    Gimp mask Yeah, I need a Gimp mask for uh.. reasons?
  3. I don't know if anything's been said. On the one hand, MnK compatibility is starting to become more of a thing on console and based on which other games have it Ark seems like a prime candidate. On the other hand, WC are rather unapologetic about being all about those dolla bills and adding the support would likely not pull in enough new players to be worth the hassle for them.
  4. They've made it so that basically the only way to have complete control over the game world and fix all of the glitches that rob you of stuff is to rent a private server and play on that.
  5. Ferox: basically a Mogwai. Shoulder pet that becomes rideable after being fed element. Has an "enragement" mechanic similar to the Giga but increases in likelihood depending on how much element they've consumed since they last went berserk.
  6. It unlocks at lvl 13. There's a search field in the upper right corner of the engrams tab if you don't see it right away.
  7. Can someone please make a skin for the jetpack that gives you a superman shirt and cape? I feel like this would increase my adminning efficiency somehow.
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