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pvp The Fallen Ark Cluster | 3x EXP | 10x Taming | 20x Breeding | 10x Harvest

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The Fallen Ark Cluster | 3x EXP | 10x Taming | 20x Breeding | 10x Harvest | Cross-Play

The Fallen Ark is a boosted cross-play server with a nontoxic community and no admin abuse (admin accounts are only used for running the server shop and for general server maintenance & emergencies). We welcome all players, of any age and any experience. 

We are currently working on opening a trading area & server shop, where at least once a month, tribes can set up a stand of what they have for sale, and also can trade or sell in game items/materials to the server shop for other in game items/materials (there will be absolutely no use of real world money to make any purchases from the server shop).  

We also plan to hold community events at least once a month and continue to add player slots and maps to the cluster as the server grows. We hope you check us out!

Discord: 7Zw7FkA

Clustered Maps:

  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero
  • Aberration
  • Island (Newly Added!)

Server Settings:

  • Metal Tools and Items in White Drops
  • Flak Armor in Green Drops
  • Cyropods in Red Drops
  • 3x EXP
  • 10x Harvesting
  • 10x Taming
  • 20x Breeding
  • 2x Weight Stat (Players and Tamed Dinos)
  • 5x Stack
  • Reduced Food/Water Consumption (Players and Dinos)
  • Mutton/Prime Meat/Prime Fish Meat Stacking
  • Custom Beacon Drops and Increased Loot Quality
  • 8 Person Tribes
  • Player Corpse Beacon
  • Wild Dino Level Cap: 150/180 (Tek)/190 (Wyverns/Rock Drakes)


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