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Dino Costumes Ideas and Accesories

I want more Dino Costumes such as Tek and bone skins but would also like to suggest Abberant and Corrupted skins as well as some made up ideas such as

- like a misty Ghost pretty see through

-Elemental like, Fire, ice, air, water, earth  Ex: Raptors could look hellish with flames, Triceratops could be like electric and have their horns constantly sparking, Stegosaurs could be earthy like with thorns instead of blades on their backs etc (would be completely cosmetic)

Other ideas would be like - Cartoony where they would be fluffy with big eyes and stuff, Demonic/Angelic,

- Accessories like Horns, Halos, glows/Aura, fire flies, stripes (neon), bats, wings, shoes, fancy, etc

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