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pvp Ghost Division PvP - all x10 -wipe 28/02 -active support - qol mods and plugins

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GHOST DIVISION - ARK Server Network since 2015

Ghost Division offers you servers to stay for months, with vanilla feeling improved by quality of life settings and mods,

staffed by a whole bunch of active admins that don't play PvP!

The servers are located in Germany, but we have a friendly community of players from all around the world.


Server rules: https://the-ghost-division.com/pvp-en/



  • Ragnarok
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Valguero
  • Genesis coming Friday, february 28th - along with a server wipe



  • 10X taming, breeding, XP & harvesting
  • weekends: 15X breeding & harvesting



  • StructuresPlus
  • TCs Auto Rewards
  • StackMeMore
  • Dino Storage v2
  • Remove Cryopods



  • Make Ark Great Again (ORP)
  • No More Undermeshing
  • Weekend Server Rates Modifier
  • TribeSlotCooldown



  • Max player lvl: 150+15
  • Max wild dino lvl: 150 (180 Tek)
  • Max turrets in range: 150
  • Tribe limit: 6 - no alliances
  • 1 ARc Bar per hour
  • Voting Rewards after 1 week
  • Item Stat Clamps enabled
  • ORP: 1 area per map - 25 foundations range



Subscribe to our mods before joining: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559581526


Issues with joining? Read this guide: https://the-ghost-division.com/forum/thread/4949-how-do-i-join-the-server-i-can-t-see-the-server/


Important Links:
Homepage: www.the-ghost-division.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/9SF2s9T
TS3: the-ghost-division.de

Support: https://the-ghost-division.com/ticketsystem/




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